Operating within the midst of a shadowy existence since her very first dalliances with electronic music, VAAL has established a sterling rep as one of the key members of the Afterlife family.Shunning the limelight in order to keep the focus exclusively on her music, VAAL’s love and respect for her craft is paramount. For four years she has steadily cultivated a strong identity and sound, merging a deep-set penchant for the melancholy and macabre with her innate abilities as a musician, continuing a love affair with electronica that began in her formative years.

Here are Vaal’s 3 tracks by choice:


‘Present Tense’ by Radiohead

Preferred Sunday evening track after a heavy weekend / “When feeling slightly vulnerable due to a hangover of sorts this song helps me battle anxiety and feel present in the moment. Its heartfelt, provocative and melodically genius.”


‘Throats’ by 1800haightstreet (lobster theremin)

A current dance floor bomb / “I love everything this label puts out. ”


‘Fools Gold’ by Stone Roses

An oldie that’s never getting tired to play / “Instantly puts me in a good mood and one of the few tracks i can dance to (alongside Emotional Rescue by the Rolling Stones). Ive played this in sets at my boldest of times and its always a vibe. ”



Recently discovered producer: Nuances, is the ambient alias of Manni Dee (Perc Trax). Releasing on Tabernacle Records.
Portrait; previously South London Ordnance. One of my best friends in the industry and such a talent. He recently teamed up with Somne to start brand new label Aura Dinamica


Vaal is playing at Fuse on Thursday February 15th.
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