Strahil Velchev, AKA KiNK, once likened performing live to playing an “extreme sport.” That might sound over the top, but the Bulgarian’s sets are famously thrilling and high-risk, full of audacious gear tricks and, when the moment calls for it, audience interaction.

Here are KiNK’s┬áthree chosen tracks:

Sondrio – Block – [CLIPP022

“I love to be early in the club, either when I`m playing or seeing other acts. To experience the magic moment of the opening. Last preparations by the crew in the venue, the floor is clear, waiting for the first dancers. I see potential and I`m excited. Sondrio – Block woud be my soundtrack of that moment ”

Bawrut – Three Sounds

“every couple of months or a year I hear a track and I`m telling myself – “oh, I wish I produced this” Bawrut – Three Sounds is one of these tracks. It`s equally familiar and very new, obscure. It`s not a background soundtrack for your glass of Champagne. It`s the rave signal for people, jacking raw in a basement.”

Sentomea – Relative Solace [Delsin Records]

“6 a.m., dancing with my eyes closed. I`m tired, but I can`t stop moving, my body perfectly beatmatched to the music. My imagination brings me to a distant world and it`s beautiful. It`s even more enjoyable for me, when I`m the captain of the ship and I would play something like Sentomea – Relative Solace on the decks, so I can tell everybody exactly how I feel.”


KiNK played at Fuse on Saturday September 29th.