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Some people have no doubt about it: being a DJ is all they want to do. After learning the ropes at Amsterdam’s legendary club 11, Job began his adventure at the renowned Innervisions label in Berlin. With all Job has achieved so far and a current heavy touring schedule, including appearances spanning from Burning Man to Panorama Bar, one can only wonder where he will go next.

“I’ve been always fascinated with all the great music coming from Belgium, from the minimal wave tape scene, to the birth of new beat until the heydays of trance, so I decided to pick tracks strictly from Belgian acts.”


Public Relation ‎– Eighty Eight (Instrumental) [R&S Records]

“Quite possibly my favourite new beat track of all time. I have a major obsession with the things that were going on in Belgium around that time and I often daydream about dancing to this track at the Boccaccio in ’88. The melody that comes in at the end is just so beautiful and gets me every time. The problem is that it only appears twice shortly before the end, so I usually find myself putting back the needle to the last 30 seconds of the record again and again. ”


Absolute Body Control ‎– Figures [Body Records]

“I’ve been also kind of obsessed with all the amazing artists that originated from the minimal synth tape scene in Belgium. When I first got into that music I wasn’t paying that much attention to which band was coming from which country, but later on I started to realize that a lot of these acts I was hugely into, like Snowy Red, Enzo Kreft or basically every project Peter Bonne was involved in (especially Autumn, Linear Movement and Twilight Ritual), were in fact from Belgium. So it was hard to pick one favourite, but this killer from Absolute Body Control has always been extra special to me and still gets a lot of plays in my sets today.”


1000 Ohm – Love In Motion [Infinity Records]

“Something cheerful to end. I would say “Love In Motion” is the closest any Belgian act ever came to pure Italo brilliance and in my humble opinion it’s simply one of the greatest pop records ever written. Catchy, melancholic, poorly executed English accents, dolphin sounds… this one ticks all the boxes. Also make sure to check their song “A.G.N.E.S.”, another Belgian synth-pop masterpiece.”



Job is playing at Fuse on Saturday February 10th.
Click here for more info about the night.