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A DJ for over 20 years, Jane Fitz is resident at legendary UK festival Freerotation and in London at Night Moves, the party she co-runs with Jade Seatle. Unique in creating her strong reputation from DJing alone, Jane plays a hard-to-categorise mix of music that can take in early UK acid tracks, deep, spacey house, modern psychedelic techno, or ambient textures. That’s why you’re just as likely to hear her playing in the mountains of Japan, the beaches of Montenegro, the warehouses of Birmingham or the basements of London as well as in the world’s most credible clubs, such as Concrete, Tresor, Closer or Panoramabar, often playing lengthy sets or even all night long. Here are Jane’s 3 tracks by choice:


Donato Dozzy and Say DJ – Tutto Positivo (Mental Groove)

“Goes with everything – and my kind of message.”


Memphis – Mutual (Animals On Psychedelics)

“Just signed this to my friend’s label. It’s 25 years old and was hidden on an old DAT – and still sounds more futuristic than anything out there.”


Fantastic Man – Cool Waters (Superconscious)

“End of the night bliss from one of my favourite producers.”



Jane is playing at Fuse on Saturday January 26th.
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