Frequently asked questions


In response to the spread of the Corona/COVID-19 virus, Fuse Brussels will be closing its doors until further notice. We will keep on monitoring the situation and communicate updates on social media immediately when needed.
Fuse encourages visitors to dress in a way that matches their personality: come as you are. As such, Fuse does not maintain a clearly defined dress code. However, suits, dress shirts, football shirts or any kind of insulting apparel like explicitly discriminatory shirt prints can be denied access.
Fuse is open every Saturday night from 11pm. However, during special events like Fridays or other days may vary. Always check our event listing page for exact opening and closing hours for specific events/days.
If you want to leave your shiny car in an underground parking, we can now offer you a special Fuse rate for the underground parking ‘Porte de Hal – Hallepoort’. At just 3€ per night, it’s a bargain if you want your machine to stay warm, dry and safe. Distance: 500 m to the club on foot. Click for more info.
If you think you could be a valued addition to our team then please inquire this form.
Yes you can! Please inquire this form.
So you’ve lost something valuable in our club? Don’t worry, if the item in question was still around after the club closed, then we will make sure that you’ll get it back. Please email our lost and found department: INFO@FUSE.BE with lost item details, date, name of the event and the other information you think might help us to trace your item.
You are allowed to take pictures with your cell phone in Fuse. What is strictly prohibited is the use of flash. When caught using flash, and are visibly annoying either the DJ or other visitors, Fuse holds the right to eject you from the club without warning.
Fuse always has a limited amount of tickets at the door. The earlier you come the bigger the chances are of obtaining a ticket. Next to that, you can safely buy and sell tickets through Ticketswap, who is our official partner for reselling tickets.
Visitors of Fuse may be searched. Refusal to cooperate can result in the denial of access to the club. Rue Blaesstraat 208, 1000 Brussels – Belgium P: +32 2 511 97 89