Venue: Fuse

Location: Rue Blaesstraat 208, Brussels

Date: Jan 30 to Jan 31

Time: 23:00 – 7:00

Ticket Price: €12


Alan Fitzpatrick
Etapp Kyle
Dany Rodriguez (live)

John Dimas
Fernando Costantini

ALAN FITZPATRICK (DrumcodeHotflush Recordings. UK)

Alan Fitzpatrick first made waves in the big room techno world when he joined Adam Beyer’s Drumcode family in 2010. Since he’s built a world wide rep as a producer and DJ for his full bodied four four dancefloor workings and output on his own imprint 8 Sided Dice Recordings. A universally respected and in-demand producer, Fitzpatrick has succeeded in carving out his own musical niche within the ever-expanding genre of techno, earning him the reputation of a seemingly unstoppable source of hit music.

ETAPP KYLE (KlockworksOstgut Ton. UKR)

It took Etapp Kyle just a short time to make a giant leap from a stay-at-home audiophile to a status as hero on the decks, attracting audiences of hundreds and thousands. By now it’s clear he made the right moves – this young Ukranian artist is developing rapidly. With the most sophisticated combinations of Techno sounds of the dance floor, Etapp Kyle invites us to explore the depths of a piercing cold canyon, now and then carrying fleetingly to a textural and hardly tangible landscape of a forest at night, with softness and smooth motion of warm air. His love for dark and dynamic sounds finds its expression in the mixing with soft melodies and powerful grooves creating transparent, disembodied imprints of an illusory atmosphere.

JOHN DIMAS (Elephant Moon. GR)

Drawn to the sounds of Chicago, Acid and French House, he started collecting records from the likes of Derrick Carter, Chez Damier, Ron Trent and David Duriez, before honing his skills as a DJ in his native Thessaloniki. Quickly gaining a reputation for his unique sets using three turntables and his ear for digging out a hot, rare track, naturally the international club invites followed… Le Nuit Sonore Lyon, The Rainbow Birmingham, Watergate, Katerholzig , Chalet, Tresor in his new home of Berlin, and now finally Fuse!

Before Midnight: 9€ // After Midnight: 16€ // Tickets excl. fee: 12€