SOLD OUT | Underground tunnel rave hosted by Fuse

Venue: Hallepoorttunnel / Zuidlaan

Location: b1000, Brussels

Date: Jan 19 to Jan 20

Time: 23:00 – 6:00

Ticket Price: $5

This event is completely SOLD OUT, there is NO DOORSALE at the venue. Do not come to the party without a ticket, persons without a valid ticket will not be admitted.


Hallepoorttunnel / Zuidlaan. How to get there:

After party at Fuse (350 m):


Reopening Hallepoorttunnel / Tunnel Porte de Hal

One-night off rave inside a tunnel,
right in the city centre of Brussels.

A. BrehmeKafimPattrnPierre


No camera flash
Please respect the vibe