STUFF. invites Clark, Mala, Lefto and more

Venue: Fuse

Location: Blaes 208, Brussels

Date: May 09 to May 10

Time: 22:00 – 5:00

The next day is Ascension Day and so you have a whole day to recover from a legendary ‘STUFF. Invites’.

STUFF. (live)
Clark (live)

Room.02 — curated by LefTo
Lexis (Music Is My Sanctuary)

You heard right: STUFF. – the live electronica/fusion/whatever band that nestled itself into your brain with two classic album and intense live shows – is getting into programming. The band has put together three all-nighters: in Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent.

In Fuse, it is they themselves who of course prove once more where their excellent live reputation comes from, and then they invide friends to complete the bill. (A bill that was designed by grandmaster Rinus Van de Velde, by the way, that same grandmaster who took care of the cover of STUFF.’s debut album.)

Clark (Warp records) plays an exclusive liveshow and Lefto curates Room 2, with Alia, FatooSan, Lexis (Music Is My Sanctuary) and himself on the ones and twos. A first for Fuse to work with live-acts. The line-up will be expanded upon later.