KNTXT Ghent – at Kompass

Venue: Kompass Klub

Location: Ottergemsesteenweg Zuid 717a, 9000 Gent

Date: Apr 13 to Apr 14

Time: 23:00 – 7:00

KNTXT, the techno concept hosted by Charlotte de Witte, is returning to the notorious Kompass in Ghent.

❭ ❭ ❭ LINE UP


› Speedy J (NL)

› Jonas Kopp (AR)

› Adamski (BE)

› Charlotte de Witte (BE)


› Joel Mull (SE)

› Patrick Siech (SE)

› Abstract Division (NL)

Visuals by Malika Maria at wOrk.

TICKETS: Coming soon

SPEEDY J has continuously been pushing the boundaries of electronic & experimental dance music. Blurring the lines between Live performance and Digital Djing, he fuses subversive electronics and peak time Techno. Together with his partner in crime Chris Liebing he started using Traktor and other Software technology on 4 laptops with hardware such as Machine Drum and 303’s to create a fully integrated set. Again he is spearheading a way of DJing that is picked up by a lot of other forward thinking electronic artists.

As a deeply spiritual man, JONAS KOPP believes his music can bring people together on a higher level: connected through art. “I know my mission in this life is give service and help to make people awake-aware through my gift.” He also plans to give back to the scene by acting as a mentor to new artists. Viewing music as a form of therapy is close to Jonas’ heart and sees his ambient project – Telluric Lines – could be performed in non-club environments such as museums, galleries and beyond. Drawing people together under the umbrella of hope.

If there’s one DJ about to take the world by storm, it’s CHARLOTTE DE WITTE. Never shying away from a challenge, malling her career and music the way she envisions it, scorching through a myriad of uncompromising, agressive techno sets across Europe.

As a producer, JOEL MULL is constantly active and has released over 100 releases and under various names such as Icarus and recently Gotzkowsky on the label Dystopian. Joel is constantly touring and traveling around the world almost every weekend and playing at the main clubs and festivals in the scene. In 2015 he started up the label Parabel together with the agency Parabel Music, focusing on releasing music from their own roster, with a first EP from Patrick Siech. The second release was out October 2015, with Joel himself.

PATRICK SIECH’s process as an electronic music creator could well be described with the same words: Focus and release. Patrick has built an entire Eurorack modular system around the philosophy of letting go of the controls and let the randomness of his machines lead the way; to act more as a listener than a producer or a technician. Many DJs and artists swimming in the deep end of the house and techno pool are often said to be “taking the audience on a journey”.

Combining their love and keen ear for techno, ABSTRACT DIVISION likes to surprise their crowd. What makes them so unique is that they never agree upfront what shape their performance will take: they each prepare their own track list for their sets without consulting each other. They merge and adjust to each other’s sound live during their sets which makes every set of them unrepeatable.