Fuse presents: Stimming (Live), Karmon — Play Label Records with Denis Horvat

Venue: Fuse

Location: Rue Blaesstraat 208, 1000 Brussels

Date: Apr 16 to Apr 17

Time: 23:00 – 7:00

Ticket Price: €10


Stimming (live)
Karmon (Official)

Denis Horvat

STIMMING (live) (Diynamic, DE)

Few people bring a truly original sound to House music. It’s all very well making some nice grooves and working the dancefloor, but when it comes to longevity and leaving an indelible mark on the genre and the wider musical sphere, you’ve got to bring something new to the table. At a relatively young age, Hamburg’s Martin Stimming did just that. “I want people to see me as an evolving artist, where you never know what exactly it is that you’ll get – but you know that it’s Stimming.”

KARMON (Diynamic , NL)

It was in 2003 that Karmon came into contact with electronic music through his older brother. At that time experimenting with different styles and setups with mild success, it wasn’t until early 2012 when the artist now known as Karmon was born. In a matter of months top chart productions were coming out of the Karmon studio.
All this talent surely could not go by unnoticed, in the summer of 2012, Solomun had already been playing Karmon’s tracks and soon after asked him to join their agency (DIY).

before midnight: 9€ // after midnight: 15€ // Tickets excl. fee: 10€