Fuse presents Robert Hood as Floorplan and Boddika

Venue: Fuse

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Date: Apr 25 to Apr 26

Time: 23:00 – 7:00

[h type=”3″ class=”title”]MAIN ROOM[/h]

Robert Hood presents Floorplan
Arthur Tixhon

[h type=”3″ class=”title”]MOTION ROOM[/h]


[h type=”3″]ROBERT HOOD PRESENTS FLOORPLAN (m-plan, US)[/h]

For all his reputation as the godfather of Minimal, Hood’s always drawn from soul, funk and devotional music in his work – check his eclectic, long-running Nighttime World series for proof. Floorplan, though, is the Mr Hyde to his Dr Jekyll – an outlet for musclier house that sees Hood throw caution to the wind. Where classic Hood is taut and controlled, his work with Floorplan is often brash and exuberant, all saturated colours and good-time thump. After almost two decades of Floorplan releases, Hood has finally found the time to release a full-length under the alias. Issued on his own M-Plant label, Paradise combined classic older tracks with new material, and makes for a set of turbocharged house music with gospel flourishes.

[h type=”3″]BODDIKA (nonplus, UK)[/h]

Both as formerly one half of Instra:mental and in his solo guise, this dedicated and respected figure’s style has thrived. Revelling in a coalescence of contemporary garage, house and bass sounds, but well-versed in tough electro, D’n’B and breakbeat, and with a production-heavy focus, the praise heaped upon his output is representative of an accomplished veteran of several scenes. His sound has stamped a distinctive UK imprint onto heavy-hitting Detroit styles, borrowing textures from the early electro scene. Doubtless indebted to his past, Boddika has refreshed modern dance music like few others.

[h type=”3″] ARTHUR TIXHON (under my garage, BE)[/h]

No matter where he is in relation to music, Arthur is interested in all aspects. First great adept dubstep , he formed Colonel Up & Down Mister with his brother Diego. There are two years old, he decided to concentrate only on techno music – in every sense of the term – keeping its sounds a valuable marks of his period projects.


before midnight: 8€ // after midnight: 14€ // tickets excl. fee: 10€


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