Venue: Fuse

Location: Rue Blaesstraat 208, Brussels

Date: Nov 28 to Nov 29

Time: 23:00 – 9:00

Ticket Price: €10


Henning Baer

Onur Özer
Dezz Terquez

PSYK (Mote Evolver / Non Series)  Madrid 

Psyk, aka Manuel Anós, is nowadays firmly pegged to the actual techno scene. He doesn’t seem to deviate from his trajectory justifying thus his precocious artistic ascension (signed his first release with MINUS, at the age of 19) Getting starched in his Birthplace Madrid, very close to the home where he have been initiated to Plastikman ́s musical melancholy and Jeff Mills boiling techno he’s actually continuing serenely his career. Where many artists would have been disoriented, contented by weak ambitions, he have been refining his art, submerged passionately in underground clubs but goes back home to breath out fresh air.

HENNING BAER (Grounded Theory / Sonic Groove) Berlin

Henning Baer, as founder and resident of the esteemed Grounded Theory party and booking agency, Baer has been at the forefront of presenting innovative electronic music in Berlin while boasting vivid DJing and production skills that have made him an in-demand artist in his own right. Recently celebrating Grounded Theory’s 25th party, Baer has a reputation as a thoughtful curator that is reflected in in the thunderous techno he’s released on his own K209 imprint, as well as on Adam X’s Sonic Groove and Psyk’s Non Series.

ALEX.DO (Dystopian) Berlin 

It can also be seen metaphorically that the fall of the Wall just happened in the year of birth of the 24-year-old. It symbolizes, too, the meeting of two forces, two trends which are reflected in the life of the young artist.From House, Dub and Techno of all decades and seasons he creates something that can be called the essence of electronic music. In his DJ-sets, which are deep, last several hours and give you the feeling of being on another planet, he can live his melancholic, introverted side. At the same time, his pulsating mood sweeps are electrifying, which characterize his personality as well as his productions.

ONUR ÖZER (Treatment. Istanbul)

Onur’s musicality has formed under the same variety of influences as has his native city, Istanbul – music from Asia, Europe and the Middle East shaped the rhythms and melodies of his childhood and youth. This cultural diversity still comes radiating through in all of Onur’s musical output. In a city oppressed by both a stifling heat and a musical style equally as stagnant, Onur helped battle to change the old rules and break old habits, breathing fresh life into a dispirited club scene. Armed with his vinyl case, still dressed in his shabby student clothes, he entered the clubs to share his biggest passion, dancing without reason.

before midnight: €8 // after midnight: €14 // presales: €10