Fuse presents: Echoes_ 1 YEAR invites SLEEP IS COMMERCIAL

Venue: Fuse

Location: Rue Blaesstraat 208, 1000 Brussels

Date: Jun 11 to Jun 12

Time: 23:00 – 7:00

Ticket Price: €10


Room.02 – Echoes_
Andrea Ferlin
Francesco Assenza
Nathan Oye

ANDREA FERLIN (Sleep is Commercial – IT)

Andrea Ferlin was born in Cagliari in 1973,and his interest towards dance music and the buying of his first turntables all began when he was fifteen years old. After a few years he started to play a different sound from the ones proposed by all the other disc jockeys in Sardinia. It was a significant year for house music.

FRANCESCO ASSENZA (Sleep is Commercial – IT)

Francesco Assenza is one of the souls of Sleep is Commercial. Manager of the music label, after a past as musician, Francesco Assenza is today a gifted Dj in the international electronic scene and he´s growing fast with his production.

Before midnight: €8 // after midnight: €12 // presales: €10