Fuse presents Beyond with Levon Vincent and Anomaly (aka Fred P.)

Venue: Fuse

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Date: Sep 26 to Sep 27

Time: 23:00 – 7:00

Ticket Price: €10



LEVON VINCENT (Novel Sound, New York)

When it comes to house music there’s been something of a renaissance in New York City these past few years, and one of its main advocates is Levon Vincent. As a club- goer, he cut his teeth during the pre-Giuliani New York heyday, where a vibrant scene was helping to push the elegant sound that would become known as NY house forward – and Levon witnessed it all first-hand. Working his way up through landmarks like Sugar Reef (of Sugar Babies fame) or Pat Field’s Boutique, and record stores such as Kim’s, Tower, and Music Exchange, Levon joined a long, proud lineage of fringe arts based around New York’s downtown culture. Ten years later, in 2001, he began to work at the legendary Halcyon record shop in Brooklyn. Halcyon, which doubled as a café, was more than just a record store – it was a place where music aficionados could sit and exchange ideas while listening to the music they love. With a meaty sound-system and their friendly and open policy, the shop soon became a hub for NY’s most passionate dance enthusiasts. It was here that Levon met his future Deconstruct label partner Anthony Parasole, as well as DJ Jus-Ed; who subsequently went on to start the Underground Quality label – the label that has done so much to introduce their homegrown sounds to a global audience. Even artists from further a-field like Nina Kraviz or Anton Zap have UQ to thank for first promoting them.
By 2008, Levon began his own label, Novel Sound. He started with a bang: a certified hit in the form of the label’s first release, ‘These Games’ EP. It’s a 4-track EP and the release featured a song by Jus-Ed as well….

ANOMALY (Soul People Music, New York)

Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium has been involved with music since childhood. Growing up in Flatbush Brooklyn Fred has been exposed to a wide verity of music. Such as the R&B/Funk and Rock and Roll of the 70′s, Electro/Hip- Hop,Reggae and Disco of the early 80′s as well as House music of the mid-80′s early 90′s. This has been the soundtrack playing in the back ground of his life pass to present. Coming from a musical family it’s no stretch of the imagination why Fred is a artist, however not in the traditional since. Science and philosophy play a large roll in his approach to music and life itself. Choosing to present rawness over the pristine, substance over style and vibe over formula is the very definition of the projects he brings to life as Black Jazz Consortium.

before midnight: 8€ // after midnight: 14€ // tickets excl. fee: 10€