LESS SLEEP MORE FUSE w/ Ben Klock, Margaret Dygas, Markus Suckut, Zenker Brothers, Thomas Melchior and more

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Date: Jun 27 to Jun 28

Time: 23:00 – 10:00

ROOM 1 :

Ben Klock
Markus Suckut
Zenker Brother


Margaret Dygas
Thomas Melchior
Thor (live)
Yossi Amoyal
Issa Maïga


Less Sleep More Fuse has been away for a while, but this is the perfect occasion to bring it back for what is set to be a bewildering night (and day). The concept remains the same, we stay open unless you stop dancing. There’s no curfew, so let’s make it one for the history books.

Berlin favourite, Ben Klock will bring his staple killer beats and high energy to Room One alongside Markus Suckut, Zenker Brothers and Deg. All of them set to play extended sets.

In Room Two, Lessizmore invites Sushitech for their 10 year anniversary. The line up is terrifying with Margaret Dygas, Thomas Melchior, Thor, Yossi Amoyal, Issa Maïga and Pierre on the bill. No doubt we can go on longer than previous editions!

Rue Blaesstraat 208 – Brussels

before midnight: 9€ // after midnight: 16€ // tickets excl. fee: 13€