Location: Brussels, Belgium

Date: May 30 to May 31

Time: 23:00 – 7:00


Audio Werner

AUDIO WERNER (Hartchef discos records, DE)

In the beginning there were the ninetees, the early days of house & techno. One decade of collecting and mixing vinyl records later Audio Werner and friends created their own recordlabel – Hartchef Discos. Evolving a selfmade recording of hundreds of crickets into a no.1 record was the first big leap into the world of housemusic production. (“Zwrtshak Drive”, Hartchef Discos 2004). Since then he has produced many as unique as timeless records and released on Perlon, Circus Company, Hello?Repeat, Minibar, Galdoors, Finest Hour Recordings and of course Hartchef whilst never losing sense of his own influences and delicate approach to the production of electronic dance music

OSHANA (Body Parts records, US)

In an era where ‘original’ music is few and far between, few artists have been able to capture a truly indigenous sound. Luckily, for this US-born Producer and DJ, a relentless pursuit of instinctive rhythm has allowed her to produce a sound that is undeniably her own. In just a short time, Oshana has composed a style that is both unique and complex, a product of expansive atmosphere, embryonic bass, and infectious percussion and rhythm.

before midnight: 08€ // after midnight: 12€ // tickets excl. fee: 10€