Fuse Music presents: 004 with Alex.Do

Venue: Fuse

Location: Blaes 208, Brussels

Date: May 26 to May 27

Time: 23:00 – 7:00

Room.02 — Dusted Release night

Following releases from Psyk, goldFFinch and Henning Baer, Fuse Music is proud to welcome Alex.Do to the fold. Alex.Do is best known as part of the Berlin-based Dystopian collective alongside Rødhåd and Recondite, where he pursues a focused strain of contemporary club music loaded with emotional depth to match its functionality.

“Rerun” opens the EP up with driving peak time rhythms and a nagging lead synth line that shape out a seductively dark atmosphere. “Give” takes a deeper approach loaded with dub processing and textural sound design.

Contrasting the A side, “Bulk” strips things right back to a striking bleep line and a gravelly set of drums that crunch out a killer, slower tempo groove. “Decrease” also sports a slightly different twist to the rest of the EP, letting a brighter blend of melodies chime out at the front of the mix over a heavy-grooving sub bass line.

Buy: https://www.mutingthenoise.com/music/dusted


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