Dazion (live), Kamma – We Bring You

Venue: Fuse - Motion room

Date: Nov 30 to Dec 01

Time: 1:00 – 1:00

We are back in the most cozy room of Fuse with 2 breakthrough talents from our northern neighboring country. Next to that, both Borealis boys will be sharing a line-up under the flag of their new personal projects.

Dazion – live (NL, Music From Memory)
Dazzling Dutchman with a truly unique sound which could be ranging from Kaapstad to Berlin to Tokyo, performing his first live set in Brussels.

KAMMA (NL, Sounds Familiar)
Creative Chameleon with a contagious smile when going through her impressive collection, looking for that one track that suits the moment best.

Alfred Anders (BE, Crevette Records)
Bruxellois Boss with a passion for shrimps, strange sounds from all over the world & rare finds with an exquisite groove to make you dance!

Gnuu (BE, We Bring You)
Rising Resident who used to team-up with Alfred Anders as Borealis, now pursuing his own musical goals & dreams. First set ever!

€7 <00.00> €10

Fuse // Motion Room
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