Club Belgique by Nick Berlin & Max Erotic with Nosedrip

Venue: Fuse Motion

Location: Blaes 208, Brussels

Date: Jan 25 to Jan 26

Time: 23:00 – 7:00

San Soda aka Nick Berlin
Red D aka Max Erotic
& Nosedrip

At Club Belgique San Soda is Nick Berlin and Red D is Max Erotic. They will guide you through the night and bring you the Belgian sound of the last three decades. That dark, sexy and unique vibe that made the Belgian club scene pretty much the spitting image of the country itself: rather strange but mostly very interesting.

For the opening night of Club Belgique Nick Berlin and Max Erotic could not have dreamed of a better place than Fuse, the quintessential Belgian club.

Club Belgique is a mobile event that will make stops in various clubs and spaces in Belgium and abroad, spaces where Nick Berlin and Max Erotic can create the vibe and magic as they see fit. Depending on the night they will invite guests who ‘get’ the Belgian sound. At Fuse the ‘invit√© d’honneur’ will be Nosedrip, a true lover and connoisseur of all things Belgian.

C’est Chic, C’est Fantastique!