2manydjs present Deewee label night at Fuse

Venue: Fuse

Location: Rue Blaesstraat 208, 1000 Brussels

Date: Dec 23 to Dec 24

Time: 22:00 – 6:00

Ticket Price: €15

Asa Moto
Bolis Pupul
Future Sound of Antwerp

We met Bolis in 2006 via MySpace, and then later in real life when we toured Asia. To escape the unbearable boredom of his native Macau, Bolis had decided to try his hand at making electronic music, inspired by a Jean-Michel Jarre concert, and we have been staying in touch for all these years. This record is the result of Bolis’ visit to DEEWEE in Gent where he was enchanted by the world of analogue synths.

We should also mention that Bolis has a previous life as South East Asia’s number 2 Rubik’s Cube champion in 2003.

Future Sound Of Antwerp are the post-digital children of the city’s techno scene, all forgotten mixtapes, and nighttime drives to Ghent. These three tracks, all different, were all produced and mixed at DEEWEE, at night… with a purpose.

Two mysterious producers from Belgium who have been honing their sound at DEEWEE for a number of months, delivering with their first release two futuristic pieces for the slowed down dance floor.

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Tickets Wednesday December 14th – 17h30.