Fuse presents: John Talabot, Red Axes — Sonata Forma: Evigt Mörker

Venue: Fuse

Location: Rue Blaesstraat 208, 1000 Brussels

Date: Nov 05 to Oct 06

Time: 11:00 – 19:00

Ticket Price: €10


John Talabot
Red Axes

Sonata Forma:
Evigt Mörker
Deepbass live
A. Brehme


If there is one person, who has been causing a stir on the international club circuit recently, it is Barcelona’s John Talabot. James Murphy, Âme and Aeroplane started including Talabot music in their sets like it was the most natural thing. However – and this is quite rare – he not only gained legions of fans in the house and disco community, but also amongst the leftfield pop and indie rock followers. NME and Resident Advisor both had “Breakthrough“ features on John Talabot and he can be proud of a “Best New Music“ dubbing on Pitchfork. (Being rather elusive on showing his face in magazines or the web it also came to some funny rumors that John Talabot was the alter ego of a well-known techno producer from Detroit).

Before midnight: €8 // after midnight: €12 // presales: €10