Artist: Henning Baer
Title: 32-bit
Label: Fuse Music
Cat. No.: FUS003
Distributed by: Muting the Noise
Format: 12“ and digital
Release date: 07.07.2017

The Fuse label builds on its previous releases from Psyk and GoldFFinch to present another transmission of high-end contemporary techno from Henning Baer. In a relatively short space of time Baer has managed to position himself as a leading protagonist in the evolution of Berlin techno, most notably through his residency at the fabled Grounded Theory events. Looking beyond the trappings of cookie-cutter techno, his approach as a DJ and artist draws on all kinds of influences, resulting in a unique sound that fits perfectly with the adventurous tendencies of Fuse as a label and club.

Recently Baer has developed a production style that has manifested in essential releases on Sonic Groove, K209, Nonplus Records and his own MANHIGH label. This run of releases has placed him in fine form as he materialises with this four-track sure shot honed for the floor.

The EP opens up with the edgy atmosphere of “32-bit”, where the submerged, undulating rhythm section plays second fiddle to the unnerving ripples of synth that echo out into a cavernous, pitch black space. By way of contrast, “Millions Behind” strides forth on a bold set of drums that plot a course through icy pads, maximising its impact with a delicious kink in the groove to keep dancers on their toes.

“Protect” opens up the B-side with a tightly wound techno refrain, the pulse of the kick drum subtly breaking apart around flurries of claps and rim shots in a polyrhythmic cycle with no beginning and no end. A perfect finishing move, “Coarse” provides a window into the murky underbelly of Baer’s sound as textures and tones take centre stage in an unsettling industrial exercise that naturally links back to the beginning of the record.

Matching a forbidding mood and metallic tonal qualities with his distinctive rhythmic instincts, Baer’s EP reaches beyond techno standards to create a truly captivating set of club tracks with as much personality as impact.