Artist: GoldFFinch
Title: Nova EP
Label: Fuse Music
Cat. No.: FUS002
Distributed by: Muting the Noise
Format: 12“ and digital
Release date: 02.12.2016

Having opened up with a powerful statement of intent from Psyk, Fuse is proud to present an EP from Belgian talents GoldFFinch. The list of labels Gilles and Yoann have released on in just five years is staggering, reaching from the playful electronica of Numbers to the dubstep minded Saigon and Mindset and on to world-beating house and techno outposts Dirtybird, Turbo and many more besides. The variety and individuality of their career to date can be felt in their music, which makes them a perfect fit for the vision Fuse is bringing to this new label venture.

Techno is most definitely on the menu as “Nova” kicks off this four-track EP, but it’s far from a dry and functional process. Around the central lead synth hook, GoldFFinch work a rich tapestry of sounds into the mix from off beat samples to atmospheric enhancements, and it all feeds into the kind of track guaranteed to have a profound effect on the dancefloor. As “To Die Peacefully” also demonstrates, part of the appeal of these tracks is their ability to be both driving and subtle, heavy and dexterous at the same time.

On the B-side, “Hibernation” plies a spiritual trade in exotic percussion and Eastern atmospheres, gradually raising the temperature with a rich variety of sounds from drum machine patterns to carefully sculpted glass tones purpose built to get under the skin. “Everything Is Fine” meanwhile provides a refreshing take on the dub techno tradition, maintaining an upbeat, funky energy even as the synth reverberations are aiming into the depths. Balancing edgy leads with calming pad tones, it’s a wonderfully crafted slice of modernist techno that communicates on many different layers.

In this distillation of fresh, invigorating ideas alongside classic techno structures, GoldFFinch have delivered the perfect record for the vision Fuse has as the label continues to take shape.

Currently available at Crevette Records (Brussels), Dr Vinyl (Brussels) or Musting The Noize (click here).