Artist: Alex.Do
Title: Dusted
Label: Fuse Music
Cat. No.: FUS004
Distributed by: Muting the Noise
Format: 12“ and digital
Release date: 13.04.2018

Building on the foundations laid out by Psyk, goldFFinch and Henning Baer, Fuse Music is proud to welcome Alex.Do to the fold. With the four tracks on Dusted, the rising Berlin techno talent further shapes out the open-minded attitude of the label, and the long-standing Brussels institution behind it.

Alex.Do is best known as part of the Dystopian collective, where he works alongside scene leaders such as Rødhåd and Recondite in pursuing a focused strain of contemporary club music loaded with emotional depth to match its functionality. This attitude comes through in spades on Dusted, where Do presents a selection of tracks that tap into all four corners of the night.

“Rerun” opens the EP up with a forceful statement of intent, using driving peak time rhythms and a nagging lead synth line to shape out a seductively dark atmosphere. There’s a hint of paranoia in the track that offsets the fierce energy of the drums to create a dynamic experience that relies on more than just brute force to have a profound effect.

While maintaining the enigmatic mood of the opening track, “Give” takes a deeper approach loaded with dub processing and textural sound design. Working in tandem with the melodious pulse of the rising and falling synths, it’s an engrossing cut primed for the warm-up but equally charged with an energy that could translate to later in the night.

Contrasting the A side, “Bulk” strips things right back to an essential core, using a striking bleep line that cuts through the empty space of the mix while a gravelly set of drums crunch out a killer, slower tempo groove. The steely techno finish of Alex.Do’s sound is absolutely intact, but it’s strapped to a raw set of ingredients that demonstrate his range.

“Decrease” also sports a slightly different twist to the rest of the EP, letting a brighter blend of melodies into the mix and letting them chime out over a heavy-grooving sub bass line. It’s the kind of ear snagging cut that could translate to a house-focused context as easily as it sits with the brand of techno Alex.Do is making his name with.